Jennifer Dean-Hill received her Bachelor’s of Art in Liberal Studies from Azusa Pacific University, as well as her Teaching Certification.  She held a CA & WA certified teacher and taught several years before receiving her Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Walla Walla University in Walla Walla, Washington, and currently holds a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker licensure, (LICSW).  In the mental health profession, she has worked with Lourdes Counseling (formerly Carondelet) as an Education Specialist and a children’s counselor, Kennewick School District as a program facilitator, Sunderland Family Treatment Services as a family therapist, as well as private work as a family therapist.

Jennifer specializes in family therapy, adolescents, marital therapy, and individual therapy.  She specializes in the following areas:

-Couples: balance of power, attachment, developing partnership, developing empathy and understanding for each other, mutuality, and reigniting the passion and friendship in the relationship.

-Families: conflict skills, blended families, parental/adolescent conflicts, trauma recovery, and developing a bonded family unit.

-Women’s issues in: change, personal & spiritual growth, parenting, depression, anxiety, anger issues, developing boundaries and a stronger sense of self, friendships, empowerment with work and relationships

-Adolescent issues: peer problems, goal achievement, abuse, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, family conflict, low self-esteem, setting boundaries, and successful communication.

Jennifer’s counseling style is to involve the client’s support system throughout therapy in order to help facilitate change and gain a broader perspective of the client.  She comes from a strength’s perspective with the intent of empowering the client to reach his/her fullest potential.  The therapeutic modalities most favored by Jennifer include:  cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, reality therapy, and emotional focused therapy.  Along with talk therapy, she compliments the therapy process with: inner child work, spiritual strengthening, mindfulness, attachment work, art therapy, journaling, reading/media materials, and positive psychology.   With hope and humor, Jennifer considers it an honor to use her expertise to assist you in living your best life.

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Corporate Coaching 

Relationship Remodel: Corporate Relationship Coaching

Relationships are a key element that make or break the effectiveness of an organization or company. 

Are you experiencing any of the following issues in your workplace?

  • ineffective conflict resolution
  • explosive or uncomfortable conflicts
  • poor morale within the workplace
  • lack of motivation
  • confusion with expectations
  • fear to confront or advocate for needs
  • uncomfortable personality clashes
  • low trust among employees
  • ineffective teamwork
  • frequent misunderstandings with communication

These negative relational interactions have a dramatic effect on the overall performance of the organization.  When there is chaos in the relational interactions, there is disorder within the company. 

Through years of studying relationships and what makes them successful, Jennifer offers her expertise to give hope that relationships, like environments, can and must be remodeled to achieve effective results for your company or organization. 


In order to experience a remodel in your organization, RELATIONSHIP REMODEL asks 3 questions as a part of its revolutionary 3 step MODEL:


            What chaos needs to be cleaned out in the relationships within your organization?


            What change needs to be created in the relationships within your organization?


            What completion will bring contentment in the relationships within  your organization?

Then RELATIONSHIP REMODEL (RR) sets about with the HOW:

CLEAN up your organization by cleaning out the chaos surrounding relationships and creating order within your organization.

CREATE positive changes within the relationships that inspire high morale and productivity for your organization.

COMPLETE your remodel and experience contentment and peace in the newly remodeled relationships within your organization.



  • Half day workshop - $3,250
  • Full day workshop - $6,500
  • Half day individual/small group leadership coaching - $3,000
  • Full day individual/small group leadership coaching - $6,000
  • Series of four mini workshops - $9,750
  • Monthly executive leadership coaching (4 sessions) - $1,200 
  • Keynote up to 90min. - $1,500
  • Ongoing leadership assessment & coaching - TBD based on needs

    Travel costs are not included

    A sliding scale available for non-profits.