Couple's Online Series 

One Kingdom

One Kingdom is a trailblazing relationship series that approaches the romantic paradigm differently. Therapists Jake and Jenn Dean-Hill developed a curriculum for couples that speaks to the innate longings of men and women—shedding new light on the dynamics of love-life.

We all want a fairytale. To be loved like in storybooks. Kings, queens, knights, princesses, adventure, and castles... But is it really just child’s-play? We say it isn’t. In this on-line, 8-session series, Jake and Jenn guide you and your partner through the journey that every relationship takes. Discover how this novel approach to relationship counseling is healing love-lives.

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Womens' Movement 

NuShu Sisters

JOIN the movement…

Each woman has something unique that allows her life to sparkle and shine on the lives of those around her; our mission is to encourage her to live that out on a daily basis. 


Coming together to unlock the unique strength and beauty of women, by creating a kind and healthy culture for women.


NuShu Sisters is devoted to empowering girls and women through educational workshops and events to help improve and empower their lives. Our society loves to promote the "mean girl", and we are passionately devoted to bring about a change. Through these workshops and events, women learn to compliment one another rather than compete, empower rather than enslave one another to society's demands. In a world that screams, "You're not enough!" we hope to share a message that reflects on every woman that SHE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH, and loudly proclaim, "NO MORE MEAN GIRLS!"


Our long-term vision is to be the central hub for all organizations related specifically to women's needs and issues. We partner with like-minded organizations who empower women and help them unlock their strength and beauty. We work alongside charities and businesses to create unique NuShu products as well as funnel funds in order to help women not only across America but across the globe.  NuShu Sisters non-profit organization.

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